Canon XL2 Camcorder Reviews

Canon XL2 Camcorder Review

The XL2 brings a host of performance and convenience features to this class of video camcorder- benefits that can’t be found in this combination on other high-end video cameras. They include: Canon Super Range Optical Image Stabilization in the standard lens; dual aspect ratios; various frame rate capabilities; image gamma and detail controls; skin detail control and convertible LCD display among others.

Canon XL2 CamcorderCanon XL2 Camcorder

Price from $2000.00 to $4,992.40

The Canon XL2 camcorder has a lot of great features, such as compact design, excellent image quality, easy TV connectivity, easy computer connectivity, accurate, vivid colors, good battery life, great sound/audio, durable, easy to use, good Low-Light Performance and so on.

Average rating By Camcorders Fans : 4.5 / 5.0

LCD Size:
Sensor Type:
2.0 In.
Optical Zoom:
Digital Zoom:
Image Stabilizer:

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Canon XL2

Canon XL2 Camcorder Video Review

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Canon XL2 Camcorder Expert Reviews

  • ” The beautiful glass and the new CCDs make the XL2 a lovely camera that produces objectively wonderful video. Its flexibility, however, is what makes this a camera for artists as well as for technicians……”—by Videomaker
  • “Due to its 16:9-native chips, the XL2 comes out slightly ahead in resolution when shooting wide-screen, but loses its advantage when shooting 4:3. Perhaps due to its smaller pixels, the XL2 is slightly worse in low light and also offers somewhat less latitude……”—by CNET

Canon XL2 Camcorder Best Price

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Canon XL2 Camcorder User Reviews

  • Standard Definition doesn’t get much better: The Canon XL2 is as good as the Panasonic equivalent. Both of these cameras are better than eachother depending on who you ask. If you ask me, the Canon’s picture is more pleasing, less noisy, and more capable in difficult shooting situations. I love Canon’s controls, everything you need is available without searching through menus. The Panasonic is lighter, less awkward to use, and more compact; but Canon’s lens and features more than make up for it in my opinion. Best camera you can get for the money. “—By James C. Codeglia “”
  • I really like this camera :I have used this for a year at my college. I do not know why some people dislike it. I love it! and on my opinion, It is the closest to HD your gonna get while not getting HD. You guys gotta realize that this camera has shot some big movies like Cold Mountian. I must say though the panasonic dvx100b is quite comparable, because I have used that too. But I like this camera I do not care what people say about it. It is so customizable that you will be surprised when you mess around with it’s advance functions. nice camera, a little pricey, but all in all it’s more professional than some other people say. “—by Kenneth Schmitt
  • Excellent, If you can afford it:Let me just say straight up that this would be a five star camera if the price was $1,000 less.
    I do not claim to be an expert on high quality digital camcorders. I’ve just dome some reasearch and thought some whould be interested in my opinion.
    This is the best picture quality semi-pro (between $6000 and $1500) camcorder availiable. Many think that this also will be the last of the semi-pro cameras to come out before the whole format switches to High Definition. The reason why the XL2 has been getting bad reviews on some websites is not because of the camera’s quality but because just about all of the press and many professional videographers were expecting the XL2 to have high definition instead of progressive scan.
    The progressive scan quality of the XL22 is more than many will ever need, including myself. Unless one can afford a top quality TV that plays high definition you’ll never see the difference between XL2′s picture and a HD picture. Not to mention that all of the a computer editing programs whith a reasonable price do not support high definition yet.
    Currently the only camera that can compete with the XL2 is the PanasonicDVX100A it has slightly poorer picture quality (almost unnoticable) and it shares the nearly magical 24f and 30f progressive scan modes. It make what you shoot look like a movie. When you watch these modes for the firt time you won’t be able to decribe the difference it makes but you will see it and fall in love.
    The reason why I chose the CanonXL2 over the DVX100a is because no camera currently on the market comes close to having the XL2′s number of manual features and selection of lenses. This camera is for people wanting to experiment with the visual style of filmmaking, trying to acheive art on the screen.
    For those who are looking for a high quality camera that is less hands on and more automatic (something you can pull out and instantly get great picture) and are not intrested in digital film as an artform but one of those who just wants to get the best picture for family events and weddings the PanasonicDVX100A would be a better choice as it is an easier camcorder to learn and has picture quality that nearly matches the XL2, not to mention it is $1500 cheaper depending on where you look.
    I’ll stick with my CanonXL2, though, as I hope to join the film buisness one day and I need the freedom of manual features this camera offers.”—By Timothy J. Kozloski

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2 thoughts on “Canon XL2 Camcorder Reviews

  1. Videoguy25

    When i first got it, i was like “wow this is a big camera”! when i started to play around with it, i was very impressed at its versatility and overall look.
    I started to shoot a few weddings and was very pleased with its remarkable picture and ease to plug it into my macbook.
    I am greatly please with this camera. I plan on getting a second one soon!

  2. Randall

    I’ve been shooting with the XL2 for a few months now, after shooting with the XL1s. There is a world of difference between the two cameras. The added pixel count of the XL2 provides the best 16×9 picture of any SD camera. I do a lot of flash video encoding for the web and the progressive 24 frames per second ability of this camera provides me with gorgeous web videos at smaller file sizes – that’s critical for my work.
    The camera also features balanced, phantom powered audio ports – a must have for a pro-shooter.
    Bottom-line: a great camera for the serious shooter.


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